Picardie Summer

Full summer mean CAVOK, high temperatures and great flying time !

I planned a solo flight to two airfields in north France where I had not been yet. I also added some IFR practise into the mix for good measure. The two chosen airfields are Amiens (LFAY), served with a simple yet effective NDB approach along the Somme river, and Dieppe (LFAB) – set near the beautiful Picardie atlantic coast.

Vitry airport from the air

But first I had to cruise southbound from Kortrijk (EBKT). With such bautiful weather, I elected a flight level and Lille approach helped me nicely passing their active zones.

Classic chart and modern GPS

I am slowly coming to gripms with the easiness of having a GPS system on board. Easiness and additional safety I have to admit. I am happy with my investment.

Arras airport from the air

I passed abeam Vitry-en-Artois (LFQS) and Arras (LFQD), did the NDB approach at Amiens (LFAY) and landed there for a short stop.

Amiens airportLots of glider activity at Amiens airport

Lots of gliding activity on the airfield, but all was easy-going !

The city of Amiens from the air

Some minutes later I set course to the west and passed overhead the historic city of Amiens.

Approaching Dieppe airport

And after following the Somme river downstream for a while, I saw the Atlantic coast and approached Dieppe (LFAB) via its harbour over the sea. A beautifully set approach !

Parachute activity in Dieppe

Parachute activity over there.

Aeroclub of Dieppe

And a nice lady with her daughter “manned” the tower where I paid the 10 EUR landing fee.

Airplane line-up in Dieppe

The last leg northbound back to Kortrijk was to be the most beautiful leg: along the coastline, over the Somme Bay towards Le Touquet !

The harbour of Dieppe from the air

But first I could pass the Dieppe harbour again, soaking up the summer sun.

This zone is very prohibited

Just north of Dieppe, there is a prohibited zone: better avoid the nuclear site !

City of Le Tréport from the airAirport of Eu-Mers-Le Tréport from the air

Next harbour was the one of Le Tréport, served by its own restricted airfield, full of activity.

The white cliffs of PicardieThe city of Ault from the air

White cliffs and steep coastlines mirror those of neighouring England.

Overflying the Bay of the Somme

And the small Somme river spits out its water in a grandiose way: the nature area of the Somme bay. I have always wanted to fly there – its is so nearby, so today I was happy to have the best weather of the year !

The full bay under my wingBoats and people dow below in the sand

And somewhat more to the North you find the airfield of Berck-sur-Mer (LFAM), where I had landed years ago with Wim. And of course also Le Touquet (LFAT) of which I am a familiar customer.

Berck-sur-Mer airportAirpor of Le Touquet from the air

Finally, I passed Saint-Omer airfield (LFQN) where I have been multiple times, with somewhat to its south the WOII site of La Coupole. This I still need to visit one day, and I know the method of transport !

Saint Omer airport and La Coupole from the air

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