Cerfontaine is a Beauty

I cannot get enough of this summer flying! So came the hottest day of the year, and how to seek refreshment better than flying high to seek the cold temperatures. In view of my quest to fly to airports closeby that I had not visited yet, I choose to fly to Cerfontaine (EBCF) in the south of Belgium.

I picked up the Cessna 172 again, and set course southeast with my son as co-pilot. We passed abeam the ship lift of Strépy.

shiplift of Strépy from the air

My co-pilot is on duty

And in order to avoid Charleroi airspace, we squeezed ourselves in a narrow aircorridor between France and the TMA of Charlerio. In France we could see Maubeuge airfield (LFQJ) where we were told to watch out for parachutes.

Maubeuge airport from the air

Cerfontaine airfield (EBCF) is reasonably new and a beautiful new investment that the local governments should be applauded for !

Just landed in Cerfontaine

Now it is privately owned and it was buzzing with activity, especially parachute jumping from a Cessna 208. The landingsfee was paid for by the tourist service of the nearby lakes, who also provide free mountainbikes to get there !

Parachuting activity !

Parachute landedDen parabak

In a hangar I discovered this water beauty: a Lake amfibian.

A nice lake amfibious airplane

What a nice airfield: we will certainly come back !

Leaving Cerfontaine

When flying back home, I negotiated FL80 (8000 feet) altitude with Brussels Control: everything lower was simply too hot …

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