Flying to Work

Ever considered using an airplane to go to the office? Of course you did… you wouldn’t be reading this web site otherwise …

I took that idea quite literally. When I was working in Raleigh, North-Carolina, USA, I rented a plane and flew it back to Greensboro where my hotel was. It happened that my wife & family resided there too, so my wife could drive me back from the airport to the hotel. The next morning, I boarded my little airliner again and flew back to work … at least that was the theory, because in reality I found myself waiting … and waiting for the weather to improve that morning. I arrived at my job two hours late and to be honest: the bad weather wasn’t found to be a good excuse. Anyone surprised I am now working on my instrument rating?

Please find here some pictures of that shuttle flight from Raleigh-Durham to Greensboro and back.

The Cessna 172 I rented from Flightgest Inc.

Cessna 172 to fly to work

Vertical with Chapel Hill airport while enjoying radar flight following from Raleigh Approach.

Overflying Chapel Hill airport

The cockpit of my Cessna 172. Established 4500 ft.

Cockpit Cessna 172

Downtown Greensboro while descending to land.

Downtown Greensboro

Landed in Greensboro amongst the heavies … The tower controller thought that I was Scottish judging from my accent …

Greensboro airport amongst the heavies

Having flown back the next morning & landed back in Raleigh, I got to meet this fellow on the same taxiway… The controller redirected me and apologized for the mistake to both of us !

Playing chicken in Raleigh

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