A family weekend is a family weekend: that’s clear! I had promised myself not to give in to my Aviation Obsession. The weekend started on Friday, and I kept my promise till Monday … which I consider pretty good resistance to my own demons… Whatever, on Monday morning my kids and myself were one of the first visitors to Holland’s premier aviation museum: Aviodrome. Well kept, tidy, well organised, but expensive … sound real Dutch ? Well, it is !

Entry ticket to Aviodrome

Kids loved it ! The museum has special attention to junior visitors, and they were able to get to everywhere, play and shout.

Kids soon becoming a real pilot

The museum has an extensive inside collection and an appealing outside part too. Of course, the Flying Dutchman Douglas DC-3 was put centrally.

De Vliegende Hollander

I liked the Jezebel Sikorsky S-51 ‘Dragonfly’ helicopter the most. I reminded me of the earlier Suske & Wiske comic albums … you know: nostalgia …

Jezebel helicopter

Outside they have rebuild a replica of the old Amsterdam Airport terminal: nice ! Also, they have a arcade style flight simulator which my kids loved very much : worth every second !

Reconstruction of old Amsterdam Airport Terminal

DC-3 Reiger

The Aviodrome masterpiece is a KLM 747-300. You can visit it inside out. I particularly was impressed with the size of the undercarriage, and with teh fact that the black boxes (orange … you know) are placed in the tail of the aircraft. This reassures me that the tail is the most safe part of an airliner 😉

Kids on 747 undercarriage

The Black Boxes at the back of the 747

And yes, I couldn’t resist:

Another blue taxi light

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