Flying Granny

For a long time already I had promised my family, who lives in the east of Belgium, to pay them a visit with the airplane. The prospect of also being able to take by 93 year old granny up in the skies was even more appealing !

My parents and my son joined me in the leg from Kortrijk (EBKT) to Budel (EHBD) in Holland, just accross the border with Belgium. I choose again the Piper Arrow IV OO-VHB.

Son checking the tail

My mother and my son in the back

It was a VFR flight via Mackel (MAK), Bruno (BUN) towards Budel (EHBD) without entering the prohibted area of Kleine Brogel. I called Brussels Departure to enter the Brussels TMA.

Ford car test circuit in Lommel

In Budel, my family was waiting eagerly to find out all about these small airplanes ! Of course, after some discussion, we convinced my granny to take the skies !

Four generations in a row

Briefing for the flight

Taking off runway 3 in Budel (EHBD)

The return flight was great and uneventful, and soon we were back in Kortrijk where I landed on runway 06.

Budel airport (EHBD)

The river Schelde under the wings

Base runway 06 in Kortrijk (EBKT)

Final runway 06 in Kortrijk (EBKT)

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