Neighbourly Trip

Is there anything more pleasant than taking the neighbours out for flying? A fully loaded OO-WVS light airplane, reasonable weather and a very motivated photographer in the right seat of the cockpit were the ingredients for a perfect excuse to fly.

We selected the coastal trip again, with a scheduled stop in Ursel (EBUL) for a drink. The course-line took us over Diksmuide, where the annual ‘Ijzerbedevaart” was running at its end, next to the Ijzertoren.

Ijzertoren in Diksmuide during Ijzerbedevaart

We followed the complete coastline. De Haan’s beach was beautiful in the sun:

De Haan beach

Along the coast, I passed controls to Gert, who kept our Cessna airplane on course and on the right altitude … Ostend Approach was looking on our back, you know!

Gert is flying!

We passed over the Pier in Blankenberghe and its nice pleasure yaught port.

Pier of Blankenberge

Port of Blankenberge

A 2000 ft overhead, followed by a long downwind for runway 25, brought us at final in Ursel.

Final approach runway 25 at Ursel (EBUL)

A drink and the pleasant surprise of 0 EUR landing fees, kept us in the good mood. Note that my drink was non-alcoholic, of course !

OO-WVS at teh apron of Ursel (EBUL)

We took off and set course to our town via Mackel (MAK) NDB.

Serious pilot

Some photo-opportunities 360°s over our neighbourhood … hope the neighbours didn’t complain (those I had on board, liked it !).

Three houses on a row

Our local castle…

Caslte of Lozer from the air

And the next castle in Kruishoutem: Aishove

Castle of Aishove in Kruishoutem from the air

A small detour via the city centre of Waregem:

Aerial view of Waregem

And a 06 landing back in Kortrijk. Is our neighbour going to become a pilot?

A future pilot ?

Later that evening, over an alcoholic drink (of course), we saw an old doubledecker approaching the airport.

Flyby of Stampe SV4

It turned out to be two Stampe SV-4s who are residing in Kortrijk:

OO-SVS Stampe SV4 at Kortrijk

OO-VSV Stampe SV4 at Kortrijk

Kids were happy … a strong crosswind from the left pushed them more and more towards the airplanes 😉

Airport kids caught by a serious crosswind

… dreaming about flying? About airplanes? I hope so !

Dreamin at the fence

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