Koksijde Airshow 2007

Sometimes you get lucky … I got a VIP card to visit the Koksijde 07 Airshow (Defence Days), except that this was considered to be work ! Well, it kind of was … at least when work is taking pictures and tasting a French bubbled wine. There was no flying for me that day, although I felt very light at the end of that working day …

So, the day started with one of my favourite aircraft: the PBY Catalina.


The Eurofighter Typhoon in search of better salesfigures…

Eurofighter Typhoon

British oldie: the Jet Provost.

Jet Provoost

and another one … the Vampire


Even older: two props, tailwheel and very Dakota: the DC3 !


Static of five F16s: thanks to my colleague for this and some consecutive pics.

F16 tails

Homerun for this one: the Seaking


The the Belgian Armed Forces Land Component wanted to show off as well: paras escaping from a C130

Attack 1

Simulated attack from the overhead F16s

Attack 1

While the Agusta A109 keeps watch…

A109 Agusta

C130 back to Melsbroek …

C130 Hercules

The Dutch showing off their new paintscheme on the F16

Dutch F16

A Belgian F16 with the venerable training jet Fouga Magister announcing the end of the spectacle

Fouga & F16

And the three operative Seakings taking off to the east …

Seakings going off

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