Four of a Kind

Yes, I needed IFR practise again, and another member of the club had contacted me to fly along, so we set out for a series of approaches and landings at four different airports.

We started with the good old Cessna 172 OO-WVS at Kortrijk airport (EBKT).

The two ZAC airplanes in a row

Then we flew under simulated IFR to Albert Bray (LFAQ), which features a splendid large airport equipped with the latest ILS approach systems. Of course, we practised that ILS approach !

After a short stop, we set course to Valenciennes (LFAV). We performed the Locator 11 approach with a circle to land onto runway 29.

The Tower of Valenciennes (LFAV)

A short hop over Lille Lesquin airport (LFQQ) to Mervilel Calonne (LFQT).

Our Cessna refelecting in the Tower of Merville (LFQT)

And then back home towards Kortrijk again (EBKT). Honest practise, honest fun !!

Pilot Luc working his approach into Kortrijk (EBKT)The instrument approach into Kortrijk (EBKT)

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