Aerial Photo Trip

“What about the following idea: I fly, and you take pictures?”, I asked my father. And that’s how this aerial photo trip started. Weather wasn’t exactly perfect for taking pictures, but the cloud base at 2500 ft and the strong wind perfectly aligned with both runways I wanted to fly to, were perfect for sports flying.

Runway 24 in Kortrijk took us in the sky.

Cleared for takeoff at EBKT

A first test for my father’s aerial photographer skills: E17 crossing A17 in Aalbeke.

A17 and E17 crossing in Aalbeke

A well known house…

My parents' home

Downtown Kruishoutem:

Church of Kruishoutem

Belgium’s biggest city:

Church of Lozer

And another well known house:

My home

Final for a quick touch-and-go in Ursel (EBUL):

EBUL final runway 25

And back to west passing the water treatment plant in Waregem established on the Localizer back to runway 24 in Kortrijk (EBKT).

Water treatment plant in Waregem

Ready for a smooth touch-down in Kortrijk with a strong wind on the nose:

Final runway 25 at EBKT

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