Attenuator+ for sale - new batch made !

If you want to record good quality ATC and intercom audio with your video camcorder, you can use my Attenuator+.
I have produced a new batch which I now put for sale. I also made a iPhone compatible version. Check out more info here !



Flying around on this site


Experiences: a chronological list with selected adventures: from learning to bush fly to getting stuck in front of a storm in England... From basic VFR around the house to serious IFR flying in clouds... Let me know what you think !

Training: I learned to fly in Kuala Lumpur where I used to work. I earned my Malaysian Private Pilot License, and when moving back to my home country Belgium, it got validated as per European regulations (JAR). In the meanwhile I also validated it in the US. After a while, I found out that having a full blown stand-alone JAR PPL would be advisable, so I converted my Malaysian license. Some years ago, I obtained my FAA Instrument Rating. I converted it to a EASA rating in the meanwhile.
Airports: here I list the airports I visited by air, and if available, a small photo of the airfield is often added for your reference.
N-Reg Airplanes and Flying in Belgium Flying N-Reg Airplanes in and near Belgium: for those who need help on finding and/or flying N-reg airplanes in and near Belgium, click here. If you know airplanes for rent, please let me know !
Links: the obligate page full of my favorite aviation related web sites.
Advise and How To
Advise and How To: Do you need any particular advise on how to fly in Belgium, Europe or Malaysia ... how to validate or convert your license ... what it takes to get your instrument rating? Ask me ... it's free!
Fly Along
Fly Along: next to training, I love to just take the club aircraft out and do a little tour in the area. If you want to join or you want to give your kids or loved-one the pleasure of flight, don't hesitate to contact me.
About: for more information about the author and how to contact me. Check my website disclaimer.


Welcome !

I am a European instrument rated private pilot who is flying in Europe and the US. I am sharing here my aviation experiences and information with the world. I hope it inspires those who dream of flying to just start doing it. For those that are aloft from time to time, it might keep the dream alive.
Enjoy the site and keep in contact!

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