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Flying USA-registered Airplanes in and near Belgium

N496ACIf you have an FAA license, you can find GA airplanes for rent throughout the world in which you can fly legally. But sometimes, the search is hard. You can also expect to pay a little more than local registered airplanes for rent. Usually, they are somewhat better equipped (typically IFR certified) as many local pilots have an FAA issued Instrument Rating as this process is most cost and time effective.

Some international pilots have mailed me with questions on Belgium based N-reg airplanes, others asked for specific help in dealing with IFR flight in Europe. I am always happy to help out … it’s free!.

Below you find the N-registered airplanes that I detected in my neighbourhood so far, and that are advertised for rent. Many others are for private use only. If you know more of those N-regs, please let me know.

Location Country Renter Types
Kortrijk Belgium Qualiflight Cessna 150M, Cessna 172M SOLD !, Nomad 22B KIA !
Schweinfurt Germany Horizon Mooney M20-J
Arras France Arras Aeroclub Piper PA28-180
St Ghislain Belgium Aeroclub Borinage Piper PA-28-181 Archer II SOLD !
Antwerp Belgium American Flight Training Centre C172 Reims Rocket – 210 PK, C172 Diesel 135 PK
Egelsbach Germany N-Flight Piper Tomahawk, Cessna 172, Beechcraft Sierra, Cirrus SR20, Cirrus SR22
Keiheuvel Belgium Boeing Stearman Continental W670
Grimbergen Belgium Helium Group Piper Saratoga II HP (PA-32R-301)
Antwerp Belgium NextGen Piper P28A
Norwich UK Iflyfaa PA32R 300
Antwerp Belgium Cirrus Instruction Europe Cirrus SR22, Red Bird simulator
Egelsbach Germany Pilot und Flugzeug 2x Grumman American AA5A

By the way, if you look for an FAA accredited flight instructor in the west of Belgium or north of France, check out Jetperformance.

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