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Flight preparation

NOAA Web site with the world’s up-to-date METARs &TAFs
SIA France Official French AIP: good source of up-to-date French charts
Fly in France Nice amateur website for anglophone pilots wanting to fly in France
Euro.wx Free Meteo and Flight Prep Site
Rocketroute My favourite IFR flightpreptool
Olivia French official flight planning site. Freely accessible
Aeroweb French official aviation meteo. Need to register but free for the rest
Autoplan IFR Very nice IFR flight plan tool to find an IFR route in Europe’s complex airspace
Vertical cloud profiles As it says: vertical cloud profiles !
IFR Flightplan Pro Excellent program for IFR flight preparation in Europe
Airnav Good for flight & airport prep in the US
Duats The official US flight prep website
Skyvector Great US flightpreptool: contains all VFR and IFR charts, so you don’t have to buy them way beforehand
Eurofpl Free website to file and track IFR flighplans in Europe. Fantastic tool !
Orbifly Met’map Nice visual meteo tool, also working in Europe

General information

EuroGA Very good forum on flying IFR and VFR in Europe
Airliners Looking at airplane pictures and dreaming about their destinations
Wings over Asia Nice but slow web site about GA in Asia
Piloot & Vliegtuig Magazine Dutch magazine for which I wrote “Airstrippen in de Tropen”
Bestuur der Luchtvaart Belgian CAA with circulars and other useful info
Planecheck Ever dreamt of buying your own airplane?
Alien Flight Student Programme Web site to go through approval when seeking instruction in the US after 9/11
Luchtzak Complete web site on Belgian aviation
Airliners Photos Gorgeous photo database of airplanes
Piloten zonder Grenzen NGO in Africa
Kortrijk Airport Official web site of my homestead
Earthrounders Inspiring site about those who fly around the earth
PPL/IR Excellent website about private instrument flying in Europe
Professional Pilots Rumour Network Want the latest gossip in airplane land?
Aopa Never Again Bad stories which end up good. Always a good read.
Hangar Flying Nice site with Belgian hangar flights
Takeoff Tube TV Aviation videos galore !
Flightplanet Another European focused used airplane market site … keep dreaming !
FAA DPE in Europe Designated Pilot Examiner active in Europe
Qualiflight FAA Maintenance in Kortrijk

Flying clubs & aircraft rental

Royal Zoute Aviation Club My flying club in Kortrijk, Belgium, with three well maintained aircraft and a socially thriving club
Kortrijk Flying Club The other, more dynamic, flying club in Kortrijk
Royal Selangor Flying Club My old flying club in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
FlightGest Inc. FBO in Raleigh, North-Carolina, where I rent some Cessnas every now and then
Aeroclub d’Alès et des Cévennes Nice club in Deaux, where I flew in the summer of 2006. Becoming a member was as expensive as paying the visitor’s rate…
Qualiflight Repair & rental accredited by FAA on Kortrijk
Horizon N-reg Mooney rental in Lille


Jetperformance From my instrument rating instructor, containing amongst others all information on US FAA regulations
Lambert Aircraft Aircraft manufacturer on my airfield ! Check it out.
Peter2000 Peter H.’s very informative website about IFR flying in Europe


Airspeed Best aviation podcaster on the web! It feels like our ways are a bit parallel, only he lives in aviation heaven: the US.
The Finer Points Nice short educational episodes (audio ánd video). Perfect to fly on the ground while mowing the grass on a Saturday afternoon

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